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After learning how to pray and then spending many years actively praying, Dr. Genet Azang-Njaah imparts her understanding in this book so that you can gain from what she has learned and grow in your own personal relationship with God too. Take this book and read it, but even more importantly, take this book and pray. Apply these Scriptures and these principles. Put them into practice and grow in your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Then pass them onto someone else."


― Steven Badorf, Pastor Kirkridge Presbyterian Church, ARP


"As a pharmacist, Dr. Genet Azang-Njaah is known for her passionate commitment to preventive medicine and patient counseling. As a Christian, she is known as a stalwart prayer warrior with a passion for encouraging and teaching the spiritual discipline of prayer. She has given us a Bible study and companion to prayer that is not only theologically rich and saturated with Scripture, but also filled with personal experience, practical wisdom, and thoughtful insights. The final chapter, “Prayer Guide for Your Health,” contains a wealth of knowledge drawn from a long career as a healthcare professional and a lifetime of faithful biblical ministry in Africa and the U.S."

― Gregory Novalis, Ruling Elder, Kirkridge Presbyterian Church, Manchester, Maryland


“I have worked with Dr. Genet Azang-Njaah in Ministry for over 20 years. This book is a “One Stop Shop” for all your prayer needs. It is holistic as it deals with your spiritual, physical, emotional, and social wellbeing. If you follow the principles in this Prayer Guide, you will experience an unprecedented victory in your life”.

― Patience Ngalla, Coordinator, Good News Club, Stafford County- N.VA.


Victorious Living Prayer Guide

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