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IEM Press is a subsidiary of IEM APPROACH LLC. Our vision is for every household to publish their own book.
We are on a mission to inspire, equip, and motivate people to tell their stories. Our goal is to help authors tell their stories and make them available to a broader audience.


IEM PRESS rose out of the ashes of a personal loss in the thousands of dollars because a publisher promised to publish a book for our CEO and did not deliver. After losing this hefty sum of money, he decided to make the most of it by establishing IEM PRESS to prevent other authors who wanted to share their work with the world from losing money.


We strongly believe that in this day and age, everybody who is willing to tell their story and share it with others should not be prevented from doing so by financial constraints. We believe that the power in a story is in the telling.


We believe that the power in a story is in the telling.

Therefore, every story should be told. We are all unique, and our stories are also unique. There are no two stories that are the same. This implies that each and every one of us should share our story. IEM PRESS is interested in personal stories, personal growth and development strategies, leadership, and faith-based resources that are aimed at helping other people discover their God-given potential. We also accept other books that are geared at teaching people to succeed in other areas of like.
We do not publish books that contain hate speech, sextually explicit language, pornography and subjects that are against our Christian believes.

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