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This book is an x-ray of the joys, abuses, and cacophony in the home healthcare industry in the United States. The Home Care Providers industry here is one of the fastest-growing healthcare industries. It flourishes because medical advancements now make it possible for people to live longer.


Suppose you decide to sign in for their services in your golden age or earlier. In that case, almost all you had worked for in life could be subjected to indirect management by this industry and its affiliated institutions. The home care company you pick will work together with your lawyer, doctors, social worker, case manager, insurance company, and state institutions like Medicare, Medicaid, and more. You may land in an intricate spider’s web that will keep you miserable for the rest of your days on earth if you fail to do proper planning with them. 


Extensive investigations by the author of this work give a more exact reading into their maneuvers, saving targeted actors in their care chain from sliding into harmful traps. It guides them to prepare ahead of time in order to be spared embarrassment and any impending doom.


The Home Health Care System in the U.S.: UNTOLD REALITIES

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