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A true leader can never hide because of the special characteristic traits embedded in them. Every society has a culture that binds the people living within a given environment. Holding on to one’s culture and living up to it remains the duty of the people of the land to prevent cultural extinction. From the voice of the crown Prince of Kumba Town, Prince Ndoki Esoka Mukete, through the brain of one of his daughter’s Dr. Brendabell Njee, this book presents to you the history of the origin of the Bafaw people of Cameroon and the life of this indigenous prince. Oral storytelling has been widely used by the African communities to hand down the history of the origin of the people. 


These stories at some point become distorted from generation to generation. This book attempts to break that oral cycle of storytelling to a digital form of preserving the story of the origin of the Kumba people which shall be handed down from generation to generation. More is still to be told, but this autobiography is just one of the many untold stories which is worth preserving.


Prince Ndoki Mukete The Man

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