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Many married women suffer from the mistaken belief that they are trapped in an unfair relationship and that they only have two options: silently bear it or go for the “ultimate deliverer” –– divorce.


Before getting married, you thought the success of a marriage equally depended on both husband and wife in a 50/50 ratio. Now, does it feel like 90% of it depends on you? Have you been accused of not being submissive to your husband, of being disrespectful whenever you disagree with him on a subject? Is marriage slowly turning you into a stooge? Do you feel like you’re drowning? 


"Help! I Am A Wife!" is going to give you a compass with which to smoothly navigate through the turbulent sea of marriage. I promise, you will find solace in the fact that you are not the only one going through what you are going through. The challenges discussed in this book are real-life concerns raised by married women all over the world from different strata of society. Many of them came straight from my desk as a marriage and spiritual counselor. Read on. You’re on your way to becoming a happy wife in a happy marriage.


Help! I'm A Wife

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