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Many married couples suffer from the mistaken belief that they are trapped in an unfair relationship and that they only have two options: silently bear it or go for the “ultimate deliverer” – divorce. Before getting married, you thought the success of a marriage equally depended on both husband and wife in a 50/50 ratio. 


Now, does it feel like 90% of it depends on you and your wife is doing little or nothing to make it work? Is marriage wearing you down? Have you been accused of being unloving to your wife or being too severe whenever you disagree with her on a subject and you think the only way you can cope is to silently go about your duties and allow her to do whatever pleases her whenever she wants? Have you ever wondered how you could possibly be a husband to a woman who seems to know it all, says it all, and does it all, yet turns around and blames you for not playing your role as the head of the home? 


“HELP! I’M A HUSBAND” is your compass to smoothly navigate the turbulent sea of marriage. It will answer your questions and give you hints on being a successful husband. I promise, you will find solace to know that you are not the only husband going through what you are going through. The challenges discussed in this book are concerns raised by men and women all over the world and from different strata of society. The advice and suggestions can be extrapolated to solve similar challenges in your marriage. Happy reading!


Help! I'm A Husband

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