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Thanks to the nourishment received from my rich cultural and spiritual roots supporting me, I humbly and proudly stand tall today. The wisdom that my ancestors shared generously has provided a shoulder and a platform on which I stand. I can never thank my ancestors enough for their crucial and meaningful contributions to my life as a village girl child raised on undisputed cultural and spiritual values. 


When I look back at my life growing up in a small African village and later moving into an all-girls boarding secondary school for five years under the guardianship of mostly Catholic nuns, an array of emotions come to me, from grateful tears, to sorrowful tears, and hearty laughter. The more I soul-search into the journey of ancestral wisdom that has brought me this far—from a small African village across the ocean to a town in America—the more grateful and empowered I feel in my God-ordained, purpose-driven life. It is important to celebrate my roots and my ancestors because they have nourished and defined the woman I am today.


Gratitude to My Ancestors On Whose Shoulders I Stand Tall

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