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The family has been defined as what the individual says it is. This may not necessarily be the one they were born into. Thus, being genetically related is hardly enough! Acceptance, compromise, gratitude, love, sacrifice, loyalty, respect, security, and trust are some of the things that create a family bond.Family betrayal is the ultimate wound that stings more than all others because it breaks a sacred code. It doesn’t only rip your heart into a million little pieces, but it also darkens your soul.


The pain of family betrayal is never forgotten and lingers like a fog in the depths of your soul. For all the modern-day Abels, Josephs, Jephthahs, Hagers, Ishmaels, Hoseas, and Tamars, I pray that your family betrayals, broken bonds, and unresolved differences reap the timely fruits of redemption, forgiveness, and healing in Jesus’ name. Amen! 

Gratitude to God When Your Family Rips Your Heart Into A Million Pieces

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