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Having regular conversations with God is the sweetest thing that can happen to a believer.


If you claim to know God and you cannot hear Him talk to you, then you are missing something vital. Something essentially important to your Christian life. 


Our God TALKS and His children hear His voice. You can get to that point where even when you say "Good morning Lord" you hear him reply "Good morning my child"; Where Conversing with God is like talking to the closest of friends, on a daily basis. Where you can talk about everything and anything.


Enjoy a good time and laugh with each other. 

Trust me, it's amazing. 


Join the Maestro (teacher) and practically explore:

  • The realities of Conversing with God


  • Why you've not been hearing him till now


  • The ways in which he speaks


  •  What His voice sounds like


  • How to be sure it's God and not just your mind, etc. 


May God open your eyes, ears, heart, and mind to Himself as you STUDY this book.


Conversing with God

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