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Is it Really Possible to Achieve and Maintain Weight Loss?


Definitely – achieving weight loss is possible. If you can lose weight, you have what it takes to maintain it; you just need to learn how.


Despite knowing that being overweight and/or obese can negatively affect our health, many find weight loss a challenging process to achieve. That was also my position for over seven years.


However, my life experienced a turnaround when someone with a similar challenge to mine shared her success story. Information from that success story, coupled with other educational and professional experiences, inspired me to take action towards achieving my weight loss goals. Those actions enabled me to lose over ninety unhealthy pounds in nine months. Today, I am committed to maintaining that weight loss. Therefore, I write this book to share my own success story, hoping to inspire others who seek the knowledge to achieve and maintain weight loss.


Achieving and Maintaining Weight Loss

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